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Clapping Audience

Nominate someone for Badge of the Week

What we need from you, the nominator:

Tell us what happened, how you were involved, and who you are. What role did you play in the event in question: official observer, participant, or otherwise disinterested third party. This doesn’t mean you aren’t interested, just that you did not have a direct role in the event.

Type of events you might report include you observing or being aware of someone saving a life or lives at great risk to themselves, or someone making an urgent connection with personnel or acquiring equipment required to save a life or lives, or to lower the threat threshold in a given situation.

We require two or more credible witnesses to corroborate the account of events surrounding your nominee. ​Include the names of all involved in your submission, along with their contact information. We will follow up to confirm and clarify.

Submit your nomination to ​

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